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  • Mar 02, 2013
  • Professional Services
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Epassporte
  • 11

I have been trying scene 2010 to get my money rom epassporte also.There bank is in a little island. And visa dropped them in oct. 2010.I had over $700.00 in an account when visa dropped them I was told it would be put in an account in payonner the never got it. So this company get dropped by visa closes up and keep everyones money and there is nothing you can do about it, ause there bank is in... Read more

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  • Feb 14, 2011
  • Banks
  • Kampala, Kampala
  • Epassporte
  • 7
  • 41

Epassporte on 20th October,2010 wrote on its website that all customers who have their funds in the Epassporte wallet should send all their documents then they will receive their money with a charge of US50 which I accepted and sent all the documents to them. I have always been checking on the website but no reply. When I contacted them several times on their given email address,they had an auto... Read more

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  • Oct 21, 2010
  • Finances
  • Herndon, Virginia
  • 1
  • 45

I logged into my Epassporte account to see if they had posted instructions for getting my money back. Apparently the only option that they are giving is bank wire transfers. That wouldn't be so bad except that they are charging a $50 fee. I only have $210 in the account so I will have to give them nearly 25% of my money to recover anything. They are also requiring that account holders... Read more

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  • Sep 30, 2010
  • Credit Cards
  • Norman, Oklahoma
  • Epassporte Atm Account Suspended
  • 1
  • 633

I have about a thousand dollars in limbo with epassporte.com who owner is Christopher Mallick. I created a website for all the current updates on the situation. You can also post your own comments and stories. Almost nothing is censored: http://epassportesucks.com/Guestbook.php EpassPorte.com Victim Comment and Story Page This website came about concerning the recent suspension of... Read more

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  • Sep 12, 2010
  • Collection Agencies
  • Perkasie, Pennsylvania
  • Debit Services Visa
  • 8
  • 50

i earned my money and it was transfered to epassporte by the site im an afflaite for when i went to transfer thefunds to my bank epassporte wont let me i have emailed them over 21 times no resolution please help i have a mortgage to pay and epassporte is holding all oyr moneies. there has to be a way we can get around this if anyone has any ideas let me know they wont even let us transfer into... Read more

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  • May 02, 2010
  • Cash Services
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Epassporte
  • 7
  • 55

I can longer use a credit card to load funds onto epassporte, maybe the credit card companies got wise to epassporte's scam and suspended their service. Now I can only use a bank account to load money on epassporte, which I did 11 days ago and I still can not access my money. At first it was because they take 7 BUSINESS DAYS to transfer money, then the excuse was the web site had a problem, and... Read more

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  • Apr 18, 2010
  • Finances
  • Manila, Manila
  • Account
  • 7
  • 19

I signed up over a month ago with epassporte to receive payments from an online company I do business with. I have over $600.00 in my account... they "verified" my checking account... and still will NOT release my funds to be transfered to my U.S. checking account. Several emails turned quite heated... but the last one took the cake... This is a quote from the last email that "Andi S." (Risk... Read more

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  • Feb 01, 2010
  • Credit Cards
  • Melbourne, Victoria County
  • Private And Business Account
  • 44

Here is my personal experience of using EPassporte, the worst payment processor service on earth. I've opened a personal account without a glitch - but before using it, the account must be activated by loading it with the minimum of $25. "Please select one of the following load options", they advise, and then give you US checking account as the ONLY option. It is not possible to load the account... Read more

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  • Jun 13, 2008
  • Household Services
  • Quezon City, Manila
  • Virtual Visa Card
  • 24

Hi, I would like to complain Epassporte.com, every time I use my Virtual Visa Account for purchasing goods on the net it always says "Authorization Failed -Invalid Credit Card Number" which I still have available balance in my visa card account and it will expired on this Aug,2008. That's why I'm using it now to consume my available balance and close my account after getting my... Read more

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  • May 01, 2008
  • Credit Cards
  • Centurion, Gauteng
  • 3
  • 21

Living in a country that refuses to cooperate with Paypal (fortunately, one big scam operation that is covered and labeled as 100% by Ebay) we needed to be on the lookout for a new payment processor. There are many players out there, but they all have 1 big issue - getting your cash. Yes, they all offer the wire transfer option but that often takes days and days to arrive, IF your bank... Read more

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